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Oct 31, 2012 1:30pm PDT
of a family emergency but he had the winning run in game four. give it up for ryan theriot. he saved a perfect game with the greatest catch of the season and he kept doing it all through the post season, left fielder number seven. gregor blank koa. >> he did it with his bat and with his words. the guy sort of got the giants going before game through with cincinnati, hunter pens. [cheers and applause] >> in game four in detroit he knocked in the first run with a triple off the right field wall, first base man number nine. brandon belt. >> a norn california native. he joined the giants later in the year and part of the home stretch. xavier nadel. >> this guy played andlet better he got. he could play almost anywhere and murdered left hand pitching. number 13. joaquin arias. >> a young out fielder who made his debut this year and helped the giants with his arm, with his speed, francisco ger rareo. >> fast runner, slow walker. center fielder, two post season lead off homers number 16 angel pagan. >> we won't forget this one. awb ree huff. >> he was the clinching game and against th
Oct 27, 2012 10:00am PDT
please rise? thank you so much. and sally, i can call her my great friend. sally ryan. who hired me. and by the way it is her birthday. >> yes. ♪ ♪happy birthday to you ♪ >> louder ♪happy birthday dear, sally. ♪ >> and of course, aim, the association of the ininstructors of music that is extremely special too. i have been a teacher in other district and that is one of the things that makes us special. jillhendricks. and last but not least i feel blessed because i have the most wonderful students in the world and the parents that the parents are just phenomenally great and now i will sit down and be quiet. thank you so much. [ applause ] >> thank you, miss whitney. well deserved. and at this point, i would like to ask orla okief to come forward to introduce to us the rave special service award winners. >> good evening, superintendants and commissioners. i am pleased to be able to announce this awart for the student nutrition team of wilkens and orteza who have been nominated by their colleagues and i would like to read out in what was shared in congratulating them and thank
Oct 31, 2012 2:30pm PDT
to this championship team, ryan vogelsong and barry zito. [cheers and applause] >> how are you guys doing? [cheers and applause] me and vogy have a special relationship and we were talking in detroit after we clinchd and i told him how much he inspired him and respects him and me and him have been through states of hell in this game and the lows have been very low but we're enjoying the highs of the highs right now and thanks to these guys right here and thanks to all you guys and it's a real honor to be up here and be part of helping this team this year. such a blessing so thank you very much. [cheers and applause] >> well, i have been told by older people on this team i need to keep this quick. there are two reasons we won and one we came together and as hunter said we played for the names on the front and not on the back and because of you fans. the way you brought us fort in the season and the post season. we went to the other cities and they weren't as loud as you and quite frankly detroit's fans weren't even norly as loud as you and that's why we won and thank you very much and i told the
Oct 30, 2012 2:30pm PDT
wise and thoughtful counsel on various issues. she will be survived by her husband terrance ryan on vallejo street. [speaker not understood] alcohol related restrictions in the lower polk neighborhood. at this time the lower polk neighborhood is saturated with alcohol establishments, bars and liquor stores. the office of small business has 60 alcohol licenses on record for the six blocks of polk street from owe facial to california and its side streets. this concentration of alcohol establishments has caused quality of life issues for our residents including noise and public safety issues. drupe while i greatly appreciate the activity on polk street at night, it is important we have a diversity of neighborhood serving businesses. i want to thank the residents from lower poke neighborhood who worked with my staff to create a restricted use district to districts on divisadero, 3rd street and mission street. * since we have so many alcohol establishments, my legislation would prohibit new bars, liquor stores, and tobacco shops, but at the same time it would allow existing owners of
Oct 30, 2012 11:30pm PDT
's model on a national scale with the creation of the ryan white care act, housing opportunities for people with aids and the national aids strategy. now with the passage of the affordable care act, we will ensure that everyone including hiv patients has ensurance of the ability to afford lifesaving medications. with the addition of the federally supported bridge hiv research facility, our city will continue to lead the way as we strive for better treatments, a vaccine, and finally a cure to the scourge of hiv/aids. i will continue working in congress to ensure our nation investments in research and medical advances based focused on new treatments, care, prevention, and early intervention and expand housing opportunities and end discrimination for people with hiv/aids. thank you again for your leadership and best wishes for a memorable ribbon cutting ceremony. best regards, nancy pelosi, democratic leader. thank you. (applause) >> thank you. and we are again so happy to have our federal representatives, our state representatives, and i am next going to introduce commissioner chow who is wit
Oct 31, 2012 1:00pm PDT
and reminisce about it but real quick because we have to get ready for next year. >> ryan vogelson and great time during the season guys. . >> so we heard the chant as you were coming up here. what's it like? >> yeah there have been highs and lows and this is a high as you can get. >> and you're one of the stories and left off the roster in 2010 and saving the season for the giants and what it mean for you to contribute this time around? >> it means everything. that's what i came here to do and i am glad we got to done. >> is there one memory in your mind? >> the st. louis game and having more focus than i ever had and get it back so the fans could contribute to the two wins. >> the fans appreciate it. barry zito and tremendous story coming back and helping this team to another world san francisco giants world title. >> we're going to have a million plus watch this ceremony. it's going to begin in just a bit. audience: let's get started ! let's get started ! [cheers and applause]
Search Results 0 to 14 of about 15 (some duplicates have been removed)